Welcome to my website - an online repo documenting my thoughts, experiments, opinions (mine and mine alone) and general perspective on things; Tech related and otherwise.

I am a Co-founder of Amplified Payments and currently its CTO - Amplified is a Fintech startup building a pan African ecosystem of tools and platforms that connects banks, telcos and businesses to their customers and drives the adoption of digital financial services. One of such platforms is mTransfers

I have a Bsc. in Computer Science, I worked for Unified Payments Systems where I was part of the team that built their core payment infrastructure and went on to Head product dev at Platform Technologies, working on solutions for the state and federal government, and now, Amplified.

I have vast experience with various core back-end technologies, system design and devops and I am a Machine Learning & Deep Learning enthusiast

Fun fact: I hope to be a race car driver in next life 😊, - I love driving, unfortunately Lagos is never the place to drive.